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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be a member to start training?

You can join the classes without becoming a member but being a member allows you to have access to belt grading and progression in your journey in karate.


How much do I have to pay?

For each adult class, you pay 7 euro to the instructor. For a children class, you pay 5 euro. Annual Membership fee: Seniors €80, Juniors (U16) €50, 2 or more per house €50.


I don’t know any Japanese, will I be able to understand the instructor?

All classes are conducted in English. Some Karate terminologies in Japanese will be introduced as you train.


I am 45 years old. Can I still learn and train in karate? 

We welcome people from all age group as long as you have determination to learn and practice. Our instructors will guide and train you based on your abilities and level of fitness.


I have a medical condition which prevents me from doing contact sports. Can I still join your class?

Certainly. Just mention this to our instructor. We will accommodate your training routine to ensure safety of all the club members.


How long will it take before I get a black belt?

Training in Karate is not about getting a black belt. It is about a journey in life of practising martial arts to improve your health and well-being. If you train hard and show that your deserve a recognition, your instructor will tell you when you’re ready for the belt.

For new students who wish to start training with the club, please fill in the consultation form

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Galway Shotokan Karate Club

Adult classes: +353 87 2790667

Children classes: +353 85 1428669